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Possible chest muscles strain and neuritis after a fall

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hello! A few months ago i was snowboarding and did a major faceplant! I fell really hard on my stomach and it nocked the breath out of me for a little bit. Anyway! Ever since then i have had some chest pain. Its mostly after i lay on my stomach and am using my laptop or something.(times when my chest muscles might be strained). What is the cause of that? Also its not a sharp pain.


After a fall like the one that you described in your question most likely you are having a post trauma intercostal neuritis. Usually by a spasm or a direct trauma the intercostals muscles and nerves get injured, and that’s why you are feeling chest pain .The suggested strategy would be: please, try to be patient and do not expect an overnight improvement, take anti inflammatory medication  and also Vitamin B12 supplement. Local moist heat helps to ease the pain. An again, try to avoid activities that worsen the pain.

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