Possible complex migraine for several years

Patient: My girlfriend has been plagued with migraines for several years. They’ve gotten better this year so far, but she had a severe one yesterday that lasted most of the day. The migraine persisted last night and it eventually caused her to have a seizure never happened before . I had to hold her through it, and it lasted an alarmingly long time. Finally she came back around and was coherent but she lost her motor functions for about an hour after. I’ve begged her to go see a neurologist but she’s reluctant because she has no insurance and she’s scared of the cost of a cat scan or MRI and the total cost of seeing a neurologist. What should i do?

Doctor: A complex migraine is a type of headache, severe; often disabling that besides the pain may include the following sympt toms: weakness, blurry, double or loss of vision and even difficulty speaking, looking similar to a Stroke. The most common triggering causes are: stress, depression, certain medications or foods (MSG, chocolate, wine, and cheeses), hormonal disorders, lack of sleep, changes in the blood flow pattern of the brain. If the migraine is beginning can be treated with NSAIDs (“Aleve”,”Motrin”), there are also prescription medicines that may be used to treat the attacks and as preventive. Above all you can do the following to avoid Complex Migraines: try not to eat foods with MSG, cheeses (especially aged), wine and chocolate; try to have frequent breaks at work, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, do not skip meals, get a good night sleep, drink enough water during the day so you keep hydrated, exercise regular and consistently.