Possible Diabetes (Having Symptoms)

Patient: I am a 21 yo NCAA cross country runner and within the past 2-3 years, I have been blanking out during races. I get blurry vision and headaches for about 15min after hard workouts/races and become very lethargic for the rest of the day even after eating and drinking water. The ATs thought it was hypoglycemia so I’ve been eating carbohydrates before races and intense workouts (which never do anything and I still have the same symptoms). I’ve been checking my sugar after races/workouts and it is around 200-250 mg/dL. Coaches also assumed my fatigue may have been from anemia. Ferritin level was 15 and I have been taking iron and vitamin C everyday for 3 months. My fasting glucose is usually around 105-120mg/dL. Is there a possibility I might have type 1 diabetes?

Symptoms: Blurry vision, orthostatic hypotension (for 10-20sec upon standing), weight loss, fatigue, high blood glucose after intense exercise and fasting.