Possible eating disorder

Patient: Hello – I have been loosing weight for the past 3 years I believe due to stress in addition to hair thinning. I’m recently divorced and have moved back to my home state. My question is why am I still loosing weight? I was 5’7″ & 135 but now I’m 5’6.5″ & 119. I look bad but worst of all is I have no energy and frequently get bouts of nausia and weakness where I have to stop what I’m doing to sit or lay down. I started taking 6000mgc of vitamin B12 but that has not helped at all. I am 51 and have SC disease so I already suffer from lack of energy. However this is much worse. What can be the problem. I am starting to get scared.

Symptoms: Weakness fatigue light headeness nausia. no i’m not pregnant.

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for choosing “Ask The Doctor” for posting your query.You have mentioned that there is a signi ficant stress in your life and it seems from the symptoms that you have stated that you could be having a depressive episode. Depressive episode can lead to nausea, general loss of well-being, reduced appetite, weight loss, reduced energy etc. These symptoms can be controlled with medicines such as escitalopram or miratzapine or fluoxetine. If its due to depression, then the symptoms will reduce in 2-3 weeks and then the weight gain will become apparent gradually.Further when you meet your doctor to discuss the above mentioned treatment options, you may even request for getting a liver profile done. A deranged liver can also lead to the above mentioned symptoms and hence a liver profile can be checked ones.Hope I am able to answer your concerns.Wish you good health!