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Possible ectopic pregnancy?

Patient: Here’s the thing. My fiancé and I tried for a baby for two months. Our last try was December 8th I believe. It was early December, I do know that much. We ran into some drama and stress so we thought it’d be better to postpone. I took my last pregnancy test on the 12th and it came up negative. I had my period from December 27-Jan 2 which is the normal 7days for me, but I usually don’t bleed on day 5, and have extremely light bleeding on days 6 and 7. Well, this period, I didn’t bleed on day 4, had extremely light bleeding day 5, and spotting days 6 and 7. The week of the 19th, I had really bad stomach aches and they lasted through til the end of my period. I just brushed them off as early cramps, because I’m irregular, but I rarely ever get cramps so that on top of my weird period threw me off. I’ve also noticed that I’m a lot colder than usual. I’m always wrapped in a blanket, sometimes two. I’ve even been asked if I’m anemic, because buildings have been 70-80 degrees and I’m still freezing. Anyway, it’s the 9th now, and I just started spotting. Is there a chance I could be pregnant or be having an ectopic pregnancy?? I can’t afford to go to the doctor at the moment. Please help. This really isn’t normal for me.




Symptoms: Weird period, always cold, spotting, abdominal pains.

Doctor: Hi,Thanks the query.I understand your concern.Irregularity in menstrual periods can occur due to many causes, s tress is one of them.Stress and strain, change in lifestyle etc can lead to alteration in menstrual cycle by affecting the gonadal hormonal levels.Ectopic pregnancy can present with symptoms like pain abdomen, bleeding per vaginum, anemia etc.But just by the symptoms we cannot come to a conclusion regarding ectopic pregnancy because some of these symptoms can be seen in other conditions like premenstrual phase, ovulatory period.Though the possibility of ectopic pregnancy is rare, but as it is an emergency condition, better to consult your doctor once, get examined and go for ultrasound to rule out the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.Take care.


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