Possible Gallbladder/Thyroid issues? Generally ill daily

Patient: Hello,I am desperately seeking answers. For a period of about the last two years, I have been in a chronic state of feeling ill. Daily symptoms are feverish/chill feeling like a low grade fever. 9/10 times when I check my temp is between 99.5 and 100.5 when this occurs. It happens daily. I have chronic URQ pain and severe URQ pain and unbearable heartburn when I eat regardless of fatty meal or not. I have monitored my diet regularly to ensure it’s low fat, etc to try and lose weight. Then once the cramping, nausea and URQ pain starts to subside, I then get hit with diahrea and cramping for about the next 6-12 hours where nothing comes out but bright yellow bile that burns like crazy. If I do have a solid BM it is hard to go and is a chalky tan color. In the last year, my BP is much higher than usual. When in pain it is dangerously high. The highest reading was last week when I was in severe pain. It was 180/125. On the rare times that I actually feel well my BP is around 120/70 or so.I have had three gallbladder ultrasounds, bloodwork to check billirubin and recently a HIDA scan. All normal. I’m awaiting an EGD now. I had a colonoscopy that only showed hemmoriods and the GI doc ruled out IBS as well.As I type, I feel feverish temp is 99.5. I am chronically fatigued. My right side just under ribs (same location as I have had mulitple sonographic positive murphy’s sign) is burning and right under my shoulder blade feels like there is a knot in the way of moving it and it just aches.Sometimes the heartburn is so bad that my face turns red, my eyes water and I can’t breathe almost as if someone were choking me. Gaviscon calms that usually but only enought that i can breathe. It does nothing for the heartburn and URQ pain. Even a GI cocktail does absolutely nothing. In the ER just a few days ago, they gave me Torradol and it did nothing for the pain. Time (usually about 8-18 hours) and not eating until it goes away is what helps. All the while I have these intermittent bouts of feeling like I’m running a fever (hot breath, face feels hot, body aches and chills). This is a daily routine.The general unwell feeling comes and goes in about 4 hour increments. Advil and Tylenol do nothing for that achy feverish feeling. No antacids help with the pain that comes with eating. I also break out in hives regularly after eating or drinking. Sometimes it is just water that sets it off. I cannot seem to identify a pattern in diet that would idenitfy triggers. I have tried keeping a food diary and I’ve found no pattern.I just want to feel well again and the doctors cannot seem to figure out what is wrong.

Symptoms: Low grade fever, feverish/chills/body ache with no fever, URQ pain, bloating, heartburn, indigestion, weight gain, inability to lose/maintain weight, radiating pain to right shoulder, severe headaches lasting 2-3 days/headache so severe at times, it hurts to move my head. Pain seems to increase with movement and concentrates on right side of head, hives, flushing of face, dry flaky scalp, thin hair/hair loss. Sluggishness/fatigue with little activity
All symptoms occur nearly daily. Symptoms come and go throughout the day.