Possible herniated disc and how to fix

Patient: I have been to the Rothman institue and my family doctor. They found what was to be a herniated disc in i believe they said L3 or L4 if that is correct(low back). Now they said that it is not what is causing my pain. They have not found anything else and so I researched more about herniated discs. Websites say if it is located in the lower back you will feel a numbness and all down one or both legs, where as I do not; I just have the lower back pain. What are some some ways I can treat this and IS it a herniated disc or something else. I am 18 and play ice hockey and none of the doctors have told me not to play. I also got hit into the boards a month a go and the kid had his stick to my lower back where pain is and it got worse. Please get back to me with any possible ideas of what it could be. Thank you, Scott