Possible herniated disc- now i can’t move toes on one foot

Patient: I have a suspected herniated disc, this has been ongoing since the summer but I now have an MRI scheduled in two weeks time. The back pain developed into a crushing constricting pain in both thighs, this has stopped now. One morning I woke up and i was unable to put my foot on the floor because it felt like my heel was going to rip. The pain in my back is now on the opposition side than it has always been and it’s dull and tight. Both legs have pain down the side of thigh, but on one foot both the tip of my foot and sole are painful and now I just can’t move any of the toes on this foot. Please mat you speculate as to what is happening to me.

Symptoms: Lumbar pain, can’t move toes

Doctor: Hello,This is evident that you are experiencing a disc prolapse and which is causing a compression through the verteb ral canal over the spinal cord leading to paresthesias and pain in both lower limbs and feet.With the back pain increasing and the numbness at feet increasing along with pain in thighs with stiffness , also now inability to move toes indicate that the situation has worsened and the prolapse is further compressing the spinal cord.It is advised that you may visit your physician soon so that an early intervention is planned and if required surgical lumbar discectomy may be performed to remove the pressure on the spinal cord. The MRI can be done at the ER immediately in an emergency, so you may visit ER soon.I Hope i have answered your query in detail, wishing you good health,regards