Possible IBS, endometriosis, depersonalisation

Patient: Hello, I am so desperate and so upset and terrified something is really wrong with me. One day a couple of months ago I woke up and was really nauseous, lightheaded. I couldn’t sleep. I was off work for stress…I came back to work after a couple of weeks but my symptoms have not got any better…I was suspecting anxiety so I have been regularly going to a counsellor and I have also seen a psychologist twice. I work in psychology myself so I could recognise some of the symptoms…The scariest one is depersonalisation which has not left me for a couple of months and although I put a lot of effort to function, especially at work, I feel I’m so not with it. I do daily routines automatically, but I am so exhausted after a few hours I could sleep standing. My job requires a lot of concentration and I am so worried when I speak at the conferences and professional meetings that I am not fully aware of what I am saying. I am writing though because I am now terrified that something medically is wrong with my body. I stopped taking the pill at the end of November as I would like to try for a baby. Unfortunately I currently suffer from incredibly sore bowels, fatigue and painful sex =( Sometimes I go to the toilet too often and in general even if it is urinating, my whole insights seem to be sore. It almost feel like they will burst. I thought a few weeks ago that I had got myself IBS related to anxiety. However, yesterday I had a horrible attack of pain in my abdominal area which did not allow me to stand straight for 20 minutes. It felt like my female organs. I could also feel it on entry to my vagina. It was an incredible sharp pain. I have changed my diet and started exercising regularly as I thought this would improve my symptoms: depersonalisation, extreme intestine pain etc. But it has not. All of the symptoms have got worse….I have spoken to my GP and she said that I was going through anxiety. However, at the time I did not have such a pronounced pain in my abdomen. It is so swollen that I look like I am pregnant. I am not as I have checked it. I am so worried that it could also be endometriosis =( I am going to see the doctor again, however, I am getting so depressed that I would appreciate any input. I appreciate that you cannot give me a straight answer as you have not examined me. But telling me something from a professional point of view would help me so much. I am so lost and I am losing a hope of becoming pregnant soon =( I am 31 and my periods have seemed ok since I stopped the pill…My back is sore and I have also had pain in my shoulder for a few months. I thought it would go away but it has not and now I think it may be all linked. I’m scared and losing sanity. I will appreciate any advise and honest opinion based on what you have read. Thank you. Emma

Symptoms: Sore intestines, constantly swollen abdomen, depersonalisation, thinner hair, attack of pain in pelvic area