Possible injury of a knee ligament

Patient: Yesterday I was playing football with my friends and I was pushed in the back. So I planted my cleats in the dirt to slow myself down and my knee was twisted a little while I was doing this and I felt a sharp pain in the knee. It didn’t hurt that bad at first and I could still run so I ignored it. But about a few hours later at my house the pain was unbearable. Now I can’t bear weight on the knee or even walk. I can’t bend the knee at all. Right now im laying in my bed and whenever I go to shift positions it hurts really bad. There is a little swelling. Can you help please?

Doctor: According to your description of the events , the pain, also you are having difficulty walking , you cannot bear weight and you have remarkable limitation on flexion and extension of the affected knee, this can be or not  associated with instability, it is important to rule out  injuries of the ligaments,  menisci, also capsule of the knee , I strongly recommend you to get an evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon, clinical and with imaging procedures as MRI, to determine exactly the nature of your lesion and decide which will be the best treatment option for you.