Possible penis strain/tear

Patient: A few days ago I woke with an erection. I came back and jumped on my bed and landed on my erect penis, bending it. I heard no “pop” and there is no swelling or bruising, so I was not worried about it being “broke.” I am not in an pain, but just feel off. I was able to get an erection, though it took a lot more work than normal. I expect as much considering I put my penis through trauma, but was wondering if there was treatment, or if there is not something seriously wrong, when I might get back to feeling normal. I do not have a urologist and it seems there may be a bit of a wait to get in to see one.

Symptoms: Slightly weaker urine stream, trouble getting erection.

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read and understood your history and the findings you fave explained.No pop, no swelling, no bruising and no pain, it just took more for erection means it may not be fractured.So it looks to be not to be worried.If you can not get a Urologist you may try with a General Surgeon.Regards.