Possible pre-ejaculate on my finger… I touched her panties after an hour and a half… safe?

Patient: Hi,I have a pretty long, complex question, but it’s causing me a little stress, so I’d be grateful if someone would kindly read the whole thing and give me an answer. Thanks!My girlfriend and I got intimate on the the 5th day of her menstrual cycle (which usually lasts anywhere from 24-29 days). We are both virgins and do not engage in sexual intercourse. We usually go down on each other, and we are very careful to prevent my ejaculatory fluids from touching her pubic area.This time, too we were careful. However, about 45 minutes before my girlfriend came over to my place, i was thinking about her and subconsciously rubbed myself through my pants (I was wearing boxers underneath AND pants on top) for about 2-3 minutes. When I realized I was rubbing myself, I immediately stopped as I wanted to keep my hands clean and did not want to ejaculate. I looked at my fingers and they looked dry, but when I smelt them, they smelt a bit musty . My finger FELT dry too, just very slightly sticky. There was certainly no wetness anywhere. Could there have been pre-ejaculate on my fingers? I had not ejaculated for a whole week prior to this, so could there have been sperm on my finger? I quickly rubbed my fingers on my shirt for a few seconds to be safe.Anyway, when my girlfriend came over, I directly went down on her with my mouth and NEVER touched her pubic region (vulva, vagina etc) with my fingers. I went down on her three times, and in between, we would cuddle and make out. After going down on her the third time, I just picked her panties up off the floor and handed them over to her to wear. I don’t know for sure where on the panties I touched it. Is there a risk of transferring sperm from my finger to her panties? It had been more than one and a half hours since I had subconsciously touched myself, and my fingers must have touched many things in that time, from my shirt, to her clothes, to her face and upper body, the bedsheet, floor etc., though I NEVER touched her vaginal area. She wiped up her pubic region with a tissue paper before putting on the panties. After she wore her panties and jeans, she gave me a handjob, ensuring that the semen did not fall on her.Am I being paranoid, or is there any chance of pregnancy? It was the fifth day of her cycle so I hope that’s a safe day. Thanks very much for reading.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Based on your detailed description we can confidently say that you are indeed being very pa ranoid regarding your sexual encounter with your partner. If your encounter was as you have described it is virtually impossible for her to become impregnated. Having said that we would like to warn you that, pre-ejaculatory fluid does contain a minute amount of active spermatozoa which posses the ability to fertilize an egg, resulting in pregnancy. Please exercise precautionary measures such as wearing condoms to prevent pregnancy in the future.Thank you for choosing AskTheDoctor.com