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Possible Preganancy after use of Norlevo

Patient: My girlfriend and I had sex on day 7 after her period and took Norlevo 24 hours later. She is now either ovulating or in early pregnancy. She had an irregular period 11 days after taking the Norlevo tablet, and is in day 16 after THAT period. She has sore nipples and cramping. Could she still be pregnant, or is she ovulating based on the timeline of the irregular period? Symptoms have been present for 7 days now.




Symptoms: Swollen breasts, sore nipples, cramping of stomach

Doctor: Thank you for your query.Norlevo is an emergency contraceptive pill, since you have mentioned that this pills was ta ken after 24 hours later (has she taken the pill just after 24 hours and before 72 hours of the sexual intercourse) if yes then this pill will provide contraception by delaying ovulation and also prevents fertilization of the egg. It also changes the endometrial lining of the uterus where the egg (embryo) implants and does not allow implantation of embryos if at all the embryo arrives. This is how it prevents a pregnancy, therefore this intermittent bleeding she had, the sore nipples and cramping could be the side effects of the emergency pill.Hope that answers your query.Have a good day.


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