Possible Pregnancy

Patient: Me and my husband are TTC. I just got off Mirena IUD on July 5, 2011 after having it for a little over 2 years. Every month we try to get pregnant but have had no such luck. My periods have been irregular. In December I had a period and I was thinking I was fertile on Dec. 17 , we had unprotected sex on December 15. I got my period in January on the 3rd. Usually I have to change my pads several times a day and when I wear tampons they are soaked within a few hours. This month the color of the blood was the same but I used only a pantiliner and I could never fill up a tampon. On January 9 my breasts started hurting and I had a headache for a few days. The headaches have subsided but the boobs still hurt and i’m fatigued and I have had a white sticky discharge and then it goes to clear. Is this a pregnancy? I want to get advice before spending money on a HPT. Thanks!