Possible pregnancy after mutual masturbation?

Patient: I’m worried I might have gotten my girlfriend pregnant. I’m 15 and she’s 16. She gave me a blow job, and it was the first time for both of us. It was taking a while for me to climax, so I ended up just masturbating to finish. I think there was a mix of saliva and pre-ejaculate on my penis when I touched it. I was lying down and she was leaning over me, and when I climaxed the entire head of my penis was in her mouth. I never saw any semen, but she said she tasted a difference, so I’m pretty sure I ejaculated. She sucked off all the semen and her saliva, and I wiped my hands off on my pants. I pulled my pants back up and wiped off my fingers, too. I wasn’t thinking about the possibility of sperm on my hands, but I just didn’t like my hands being wet, so I know they were dry after I wiped them. Then we both sat up and calmed down for a while and we started to kiss again. She was really aroused so after about 15 minutes I started rubbing her groin through her pants. I know I made a lot of contact with her shirt and clothes with my hands. About 5 minutes later I put my hand in her underwear and masturbated her. It was only for 5 minutes and I only put one finger 2 inches in. I’m worried that some sperm or pre-ejaculate might have gotten onto my hand and then into her vagina. I’m certain my hand was dry after I wiped it, and there was 20 minutes in between. This happened 2 days ago, about one week after her period. Could she get pregnant from this?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Getting your partner pregnant from this type of encounter is a very low risk. When semen co mes in contact with the open atmosphere, most of them die on contact. Furthermore, you expressed that you cleaned your hands prior to engaging in sexual activity once more with your partner, this further supports the notion that it is highly improbably to impregnate her in this way. You should not be concerned. In the future, please exercise proper precautions to prevent pregnancy such as using condoms and having your partner consider starting oral contraceptive medication. Please be guided accordingly.Thank you for choosing AskTheDoctor.com