Possible Pregnancy symptoms?

Patient: On the 30th of January 2015 I got my implanon out. that night my man and I had unprotected sex. right. about 6-10 days later i went to the loo and when i wiped i noticed brown bloody stuff.since then i’ve been waking up feeling like i’m hungover and the headaches last all day long, and i just feel like i have no energy whatsoever. ive also been getting a lot of clear mucus stuff.. “down there”…

Symptoms: Headaches

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.It is too early to attribute your symptoms to pregnancy. Sometimes, the implantation ca n cause side effects similar to our symptoms. They will settle down in a month’s time, if they last longer, get yourself evaluated by your doctor again. Also, since you have not used a back u for one week after implantation, there are possibilities of a pregnancy. Keep that in mind and get yourself tested accordingly.Hope this helped.Regards