Possible pregnancy with copper IUD?

Patient: Hello, I am concerned that I may be pregnant, but I believe it’s too early to tell. Some background: I have had the copper IUD since April 2013 with no issues aside from very heavy periods in the beginning, which have subsided. My last period ended on January 6, but I have been experiencing brown/pinkish spotting since January 13, along with some cramping on my right side and nausea. I don’t think a pregnancy test is going to register anything, even if I am pregnant. Should I just wait this out until my next period? Or is there a concern for ectopic pregnancy given the presence of an IUD? Thank you very much!

Symptoms: Spotting, cramping, nausea

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Intermenstrual spotting, abdominal cramps etc can be seen as s ide effects of copper IUCD.To rule out the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, you can go for ultrasound.Ultrasound helps in ruling out the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, in confirming the position of IUCD and in finding out any other possible causes of Intermenstrual spotting.Take care.