Possible Reaction Due To Eating Wheat or Something More Serious?

Patient: I noticed that for the past 4 or 5 months I’ve been losing quite a bit of hair. At first I overlooked it, but then it got more serious. I started losing handfuls of hair when I washed my hair. I don’t use heat products on my hair. I haven’t eaten grains in a year now, so I thought that I could be lacking on a supplement thus causing my hair loss. I recently started eating grains now for two weeks, and it seems that my hair has improved, but I’m still losing quite a lot. Also, I noticed yesterday that I have a rash or something on the back of my shoulder. It looks like raised bumps on my shoulder, but it doesn’t itch or burn, and I forget it’s there. It’s a really bumpy texture and is only in that one area. Could that be due to adding in Wheat to my diet?

Symptoms: Hair loss, rash-like bumps, fatigue