Possible recurring miscarriage

Patient: Earlier this year i had a miscarriage. I wasn’t even aware that i was pregnant until i had to go to the er for sever ab pain. my cycles have never been regular and it was about 6 weeks since my last cycle when i started, not really spotting, it was lighter. i refer to it as staining. its happening again. its been about 6 weeks since my last cycle and i’m staining. i took 2 home tests and they were both negative. my breast are tender and my hips seem to be wider. i have no insurance and i’m scared. the pain from before was almost unbarable and i’m still paying for the er visit. is there anyway to tell for sure if this is another miscarriage or just my cycle?

Doctor: I comprehend your concern about possible miscarriage. The only way to rule out this possibility is by confirming your pr egnancy first. You could either take a home pregnancy test again, suing the first urine of the morning which carries the most concentration of pregnancy hormone or you could have a blood pregnancy test to rule out definitely this possibility.On the other hand your irregular menstruation can be caused by a hormonal imbalance caused by different factors, if you rule out pregnancy you will still need to visit a gynecologist for a more detail evaluation and possible prescription of contraceptives to help regulate your menses. I wish you a prompt recovery.