Possible sequels of head trauma seven weeks ago

Patient: Hello my name is brooke I am 24 and have been having strange feeings in my head. I don’t know how to describe them dizzy, lightheaded, feels like my head is letting my brain shake itself off. I I was driving home from work and felt a burning sensation in the crown of my head then paniced and felt very hot and as if i was going to pass out. I went to the ER the did an EKG, CT scan, bloodwork, eveything. They found nothing they thought it was a panic attack. a few days go by same feeling but then my left arm started feeling numb inside but not th the touch. The doctor told me he thinks it might be migrains. I am getting an EEG or ENG done friday to faloow through with things. OHHHHH WAIT ONE MORE THING 7 weeks ago I was at my roller derby game i was done my game and was walking around the rink talking to other another game going on 2 girls came sliding out and whiped me out onto my head and back. I was fine no heaches sight was good was just a little sore that next day could that have been it. What should be my next step for a girl that has a shakey feelign her head (presure beind the ears at times)”numbness” in left arm and not feeling run down and not myself. Please help

Doctor: Most likely, according to your description, you had a concussion, which is a brain injury that produces dizziness, head dache, altered levels of alertness and unconsciousness. Most of the time is the result of an important and significant blow to the head that shakes the brain inside the skull, which temporarily prevents the brain from working normally. It is difficult to predict the outcome in terms of neurologic sequels, some people feel normal again in a few hours after a concussion while others have symptoms and sequels for weeks or months, it depends on each case in particular and also depends on the severity of the blow. Sometimes a person who has a more serious concussion, may develop new symptoms over time and feels worse than before the injury, this is “Post Concussive Syndrome”. It is important that if you start to show Post Concussive Symptoms, you call your doctor and get a thoroughly neurological evaluation. The post concussive symptoms include: difficulty to think, concentrate or remember; headaches or blurry vision; becoming angry or anxious for no reason; lack of interest in your usual activities, changes in your sex drive, dizziness, lightheadedness or unsteadiness that makes difficult for you to walk or standing.