Possible sprain of the medial collateral ligament of the right knee

Patient: Dear Doctor, 10 days ago during a soccer practice I got kicked oN the outside of my right knee. That made My knee from the insSide to come up not twist but up like pulling on the mcl. Now 10 days after my left side of my knee where is the mcl located still hurts not like before though, now I can bend my leg farther and extend it too. The problem is that everytime I try to fully extend it the side of my knee where the mcl is hurts. I just don’t know if is a mcl sprain or meniscus tear? I didn’t heard a pop during the injury and I don’t hear a pop when I pending it or extend it. I don’t know what I hav, right now I’m in Europe and I don’t have insure ce here for an MRI and I’m trying to find out if it needs just rice or anything else. I play d1 soccer in USA and I’m trying for this pro team here in Europe so I’m really despered right now. I really hope you can help me. Thank you for listening

Doctor: I suggest that you protect your knee reducing loads by postural corrections, activities modification and wearing adequat e footgear, regarding of the brace, some doctors consider the bracing useful for reassurance and psychological effect, but the results on the efficacy of knee bracing are very variable; you could use the knee taping also, but the most important at this time for you is prevent new injuries, exercise to strengthen/stretch quads/hamstrings and avoid , by all means, rotational and abrupt movements that may injured ligaments, meniscus or capsule of the knees.