Possible Stroke sequels:Left side paresis

Patient: 2008 injury to left shoulder,possibly dislocated,put back.after ten minutes paralysis complete left side. had all signs and symptoms of stroke. doctors in hospital said I had stroke,TIA or infection or didnt know what I had done. Had MRI taken after admitted 15 days, then sent home after ok. told nothing they could do. 2010 diagnosed subclavian artery and vein trapped. al through out this time from 2008 still have lots of problems, walking, memory, concentration, fatigue, blurred vision, personality changes. still get bouts of paralysis, weakness, lots pain in left shoulder, arm, hand, chest,torso and leg. GPs dont help and know what done or why happens.

Doctor: I concur with the opinion of the doctors in the hospital; it seemed that you had a Stroke and the problems that you h have described: walking, memory and concentration difficulties, blurred vision and personality changes are consequence of that episode; even the pain in your shoulder is very well described sequel in some patients with stroke. I strongly recommend you a comprehensive PT and OT programs customized to your particular case that allow you to take advantage and regain the most you can in functionality so you will be able to  perform your daily living activities with a higher degree of independence.