Possible stroke symptoms? Cold tingling, headaches, numbness, vertigo

Patient: Hello, I am having some concerns because I have been having what seems to be stroke symptoms. I tried researching and they say to consult a doctor even if the symptoms are mild. I am experiencing a cold tingling sensation and numbness on my face, neck, and arms. It is very persistent. I also get very dizzy when I stand up, and have trouble walking. I have a headache as well. My typing is even taking much effort. I may be tired or overreacting, but I am very concerned. Is there any way these symptoms are caused by something else, something not as serious? Please reply, and thank you for your help.

Symptoms: Cold tingling in skin, numbness, headaches, trouble walking, dizziness/vertigo

Doctor: Thanks for consulting us. All the above symptoms are seems to be due to deranged Neurological system. Exactly we can not say that it is due to stroke, since there is no obvious deficit. If you have any risk factors like smoking, hypertension, family history etc., then go for Neurological evaluation. Consult Neurologist for further work up. Have a nice day.