Possible sudden allergic reaction to dairy?

Patient: I am concerned that I am developing a severe allergy to dairy products. Over the past three days I have experienced unusual symptoms after eating dairy products; within five minutes of the first bite I will feel light-headed, very dizzy and develop a throbbing headache. These symptoms get worse over time and last at most 12 hours, though less if I have eaten less. At first I thought they were migraines, but taking analgesia does nothing to alleviate any symptoms. I have never experienced anything like this before, and I eat a varied diet, though I am a vegetarian so there is quite a lot of dairy proteins in my diet. Any ideas on what this could be would be very welcome! Many thanks, Julia

Doctor: While what you are experiencing could be due to an allergic reaction to dairy products it is not typical of it lasting f or such a long period of time and getting worse over the course. Typically an allergic reaction manifests with hives, shortness of breath, tightness in the chest , nausea, sweating etc. However having said this the only way to actually find out what you are specifically allergic to is byt conducting a skin allergen test, in which specific allergens are injected in your skin and the reaction is observed in a controlled setting.In the mean time the best way to avoid this is to start an elimination diet to identify what may be leading to the symptoms particularly. In case the allergies are not causing these symptoms you may need to get checked out for other heart or blood pressure or dietary issues like low blood glucose etc. Please consult your family physician for further follow up. I hope this helps