Possible Thrush, Anal Itching, Gassy…what’s wrong with me?

Patient: I have anal itching (had since 2000), gassy (since 2000), eczema that come and go, constantly runny nose, and drainage down my throat. I have been on a fungal cream for my anal area since 2001. I use a cream sometimes for my eszema. I’ve been to 4 otolaryngologists. One gave me Nyastatin because it looked like it could be thrush in my mouth. One gave me something else 12 years ago that I took with a lot of water to try to thin the drainage down my throat. I read online that all of these symptoms combined could mean candida overgrowth in the intestines. But, if that was the case, it seems like the Nyastatin would have done something. One doctor said I might have pinworm because of the anal itching symptom, but it seems like after all these years, I would have noticed that. I would like to find out the cause of all of these, whether they’re all related or not, but no doctors have been able to help.

Symptoms: Anal itching, gassy, eczema, runny nose, drainage down my throat, white tongue

Doctor: HelloThank you posting your query on “Ask the Doctor”It could be one of the few reasons that cause peri -anal itching.First could be pin worms or hookworm infestation which needsde-worming to get rid of.Second could be piles which may lead to pain and itching.Third could be eczema of ring worm fungal infection leading to itching.As anal area is usually damp, it is best place for fungal infection to crop in.Fourth could be allergic skin rash, atopic dermatitis could be possible as symptoms of allergy are prominent in you.Well, diagnosis is determined by direct observation and physical examination by doctor.You may require certain blood tests and skin scrapings microscopic examination.All-round treatment regimen adopted by doctor shall help.You are advised to keep anal area dry by applying powder around it. Please see your doctor.Wish you a good health!