Possibly fractured pinky toe

Patient: I broke my pinky toe last saterday and want to know how long i have to tape my toes.

Doctor: First of all you have to know for sure if you have a fracture, so you will need a doctor’s examination and a foot X ray rays done. In the case that the X rays show a fracture, that is “non-displaced” and the toe is not deformed, then you will need about 3-6 weeks of rest (until non-tender) and the treatment may go from using splinters or stiff-soled shoes to Buddy taping, this involves putting a bandage on the fractured toe and the normal toe next to it, taping them together(use cotton padding between the toes) for support and to prevent movement so the fracture can heal. If after 6 weeks of relative rest and immobilization of the toe by any of the methods mentioned before, you continue feeling pain it is recommended to get a consultation with your physician. Remember that even after recovery of the fracture, that toe may be vulnerable to fracture if you put it under the same stress again.