Possibly labyrinthitis or some other brain infection.

Patient: I keep stumping doctors and would love to have your opinion or advice! Mid October I started noticing difficulties with a couple deep conversations. I brushed them off as bad days, but it was still a little unsettling. After our halloween party and a heavy night of drinking my symptoms were powerfully present. I also blacked out near the end of the party which is something I never do. I did not hit my head, I checked with my friends. The condition seemed to have peaked over winter break, and I have not been drinking since- as it exacerbates the symptoms. I have started noticing a resurgence of them now though and I am worried that this may be a permanent mystery. * My symptoms are fairly constant, sometimes better than other times, and include : Memory problems( so bad I don’t want to talk to people because I fear I will repeat myself), Depersonalization( I have a weird feeling like I have been possessed by a retarded ghost), Lack of focus, Concentration, and comprehension. I am not the funny and intelligent person I used to be. I have difficulties grasping concepts I would previously have been fine with. The term brain fog seems to fit well. I may have a lack of coordination. I have pretty bad anxiety and depression now but I am not sure if that is just logical due to my new deficiencies. I struggled with depression in the past but it never felt like this, and I was always able to work my way out of it fine. I never suffered from anxiety before. I have prided myself on how well I handle situations. I now feel like a retarded version of my former self. I am worried that I will have to forgo my goals for my career and the hopes of having a nice family. If this is genetic I should not have children. I would be a burden on a wife, and would not be a good enough teacher for a child. I worry that I will have to lose all of my friends too, rather than be a burden on them and watch them pity me. I will likely have to become very solitary and focus on perhaps working with charities building houses for poor people and puppies if this condition is not cured. I have seen 3 doctors, including my family doctor, and one psychiatrist. No one has any idea. Reading on the internet makes me feel like labyrinthitis is the most likely solution as it just hit me like a truck. I don’t have the main symptom of vertigo though. I might have some hearing loss but it is hard to tell if that isn’t just my mind operating slowly. Most people hear 80% of a sentence and can put it together, my brain now seems to be missing the function required for that. I was worried I had given myself a stroke at first, but not any longer. A few years ago, I used to smoke marijuana occasionally and this feels like I am constantly in a bad high. I had my blood tested and they said it wasn’t syphilis,diet, or thyroid problems. I have been referred to an ENT specialist but it is looking a little hopeless. I go between having 40% weeks to 90% weeks. I just want to be 100% again. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Symptoms: Depersonalization, memory problems, lack of focus, concentration and comprehension. Depression, anxiety, lack of coordination, possible lack of hearing. My brain isn’t making connections as it should. I have no articulation. I feel like a completely different person.