August 20, 2018

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Possibly pregnancy with a negative urine and blood test.

Patient: So I have taken one urine test and one blood test and bother have come back negative.All of my life I have struggled with weight loss, yet in the past month I have lost 10-12 lbs, everywhere but my stomach. I also cannot suck it in. Laying on my stomach just doesn’t feel right, but it’s my normal sleeping position. I will post a picture but someone please give me some info.It also is not the false pregnancy due to wanting it because this was quite the surprise to me and I’d like to know what’s going on!



Symptoms: I am feeling randomly nauseous especially in the morning, the only things that help are soda crackers and tums. My breasts are kind of sore but that only started yesterday. My last period was around Feb. 5/15. I had some irregular light bleeding but it’s more like a brown mucus kind of discharge and it came a week early. I have been getting light headaches that kind of float behind my ears. I’m going to the bathroom 3x as much and I crave Slurpees so much (I don’t normally like them). My regular period I have not gotten yet, I believe it’s 3 days past. Smells are also an issue for me, things that I normally love just set me off completely.



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