Possibly pregnant and on birth control

Patient: I feel like i may be pregnant but i am not really sure of it. During the entire month of july I have been experiencing extreme anxiety, stress and panic attacks due to a pinched nerve. I have been taking muscle relaxers, Naproxen and aspirin pretty much every day, with the exception of days that i didn’t have pain. I got my period exactly when i was supposed to on thursday july 22nd, it was light at first, got a little more heavier. light to normal flow all of Saturday then it started getting lighter from there until it completely stopped on monday. I am currently on a birth control pill and have been for 2 and a half years. The period i had was extremely out of the ordinary for me, since i usually have moderate to heavy periods. The only thing that was regular was the color, deep red like always, no brown or anything. Since monday, i have taken 2 pregnancy tests both came back negative, but the last time i had intercourse was the day before my period started and the last time before that was the 2nd of july (day after my period ended). I am dreading that i may have conceived the last time i had sex which is why my period was out of whack. I don’t have any typical pregnancy symptoms but I am definitely getting a blood test done to confirm my home pregnancy tests. Just want to get a doctor’s opinion on what may have affected my period. Also, would a blood test show up positive now or would i have to wait to confirm these results?

Doctor: I understand your concern about possible pregnancy. According to your description of the events, due to your days of int ercourse and your contraceptive pills the chances of pregnancy would be minimal but still present.I would suggest you to take a confirmatory test to rule out that possibility.