Possibly Pregnant but not sure

Patient: Dear doctor i came off the piss a couple of months ago but a couple of weeks ago my boyfriend visited me for a couple of a days for a surprise (hes in the army so i only see him every few months.. hence going off the pill) Anyway we had unprotected sex so the next day i got the morning after pill but we stupidly had unprotected sex the day after that and i couldnt get a doctors appointment for over a week so i just went back onto the normal pill… i know the normal pill doesnt work like that so it was a bit stupid. So i calculated my ovulation cycle for the month and typically it seems i may have been ovulating at that time Its now just over 2 weeks later and ive had a period but it only lasted a day and a half.. i know the morning after pill can affect a womans cycle but theres a part of me that is being to wonder if maybe im pregnant.. i’ve not really had any signs so im not sure thats why im asking you.. could it be possible?? Thanks

Doctor: I understand your concern about possible pregnancy. According to the description of the events, in my opinion you should not worry about pregnancy.No contraceptive method is 100% effective and I agree with you that there might have been a possibility to become pregnant, however you already had your menstruation which is the best proof of non fertilization of the egg. Spotting that is present after 7 to 10 days from conception might be produced by implantation of the fertilized egg, but in your case, 2 weeks after intercourse is very improbable.I would suggest you to comply with your regular contraceptives to avoid having menstrual irregularities that could alter your fertile days. I wish you the best.