Possoble Pregnacy

Patient: I haven’t had my period in about 4-5 months. The most I’ve missed is 2. I took a few different pregnancy test but they all come out negative. My grandmother has hereditary ovary cancer. I am 17

Symptoms: WEIGHT GAIN, TIREDNESS, Ocassional nausea

Doctor: Dear patient as you are having amennorhea from about 4-5months and your pregnancy tests are negative, you just get your general health check up done after consulting your family doctor. Amennorhea may be due to anaemia or thyroid anomaly or poly cystic ovaries, so get your Hb , thyroid profile and ultrasound done. Treatment modality changes accordingly. About ovarian cancer, mostly it affects the women of menopausal age group but it may affect any age group. Only 1in 10 cases may have hereditary link. So don’t be scared of getting ovarian cancer until you have definitive symptoms of ovarian cancer presenting more than 12 times in a month. The symptoms include bloating, feeling full quickly, loss of appetite , pelvic or abdominal pain, increased urinary urgency or frequency… Consult your GP and he may advise you ultrasound and blood test for CA125. If at all any alarming signs are present he may refer you to gynaecologist or gynaecological oncologist, and treatment depends on the stage of the carcinoma.