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Patient: I have been married for one year. i got abortion two times, after 7 weeks of pregnancy. and also i and my husband blood groups are same which is A POSITIVE



Symptoms: I got period with stomach pain



Doctor: Thank you for your query.When there is recurrent loss of pregnancy apt care should be taken and proper investigations should be done first to know the reason for the loss, when diagnosed aptly, appropriate precautions along with some empirical medications and supplementation of hormones and vitamins should be taken prior to planning for the next conception. If the reason for the pregnancy loss is of immune origin then with each loss of pregnancy, the difficulty of the pregnancy to go to term will sharply start decreasing. It will become very difficult to manage then. If the blood groups are same there won’t be any problems with conception and pregnancy, only if there is one who has AB positive and the other AB negative can they arise problems. Therefore prior to attempting to conceive next time appropriate consultation with an obs/gyn doctor who has experience in managing high risk pregnancies and bad obstetric history cases should be consulted along with your medical record.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.

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Guest: at 7 week medically post abortion my wife have 11 mm. retain product at lower side.
Dr. suggested that use remaining two misoprostol tablet and put under tongue. She did it and periods started with some thick threads kind of cloths not big pieces.
We have not done ultrasound to check again retain product but my wife is afraid and she donot want to use D&C ever.
kindly suggest this thick cloths are the retain product or it should be big. and by medicine this retain product can came out or not. till now there is no problem like fever pain or others
pls suggest


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