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Post achilles tendon surgery infection near stitches?

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I had my achilles tendon repaired a few weeks ago and I have been in a fiber glass cast after 1 week of the surgery. I keep getting a very itchy and burning feeling where they made the stitches after attaching the tendon back. Is there a possibility that it could be infected? Should i make an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon sooner than my scheduled appointment next week? Thanks in advance


 I suggest to wait until next week when your appointment is due, because is very common the itchiness and some burning when you are in a cast, even for those persons that do not have stitches. But if you notice that you are having fever, pain, you feel the cast tight or the foot gets swollen, you should go immediately to the hospital. If this is not your case, then,  you may wait until your follow up appointment.

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