Post anal rape pain. please HELP!

Patient: I had anal sex for the first time with a guy. he was very force full and harsh and did not use any lube and go slow as it is usually advised for anal penetration. now i am bleeding and the anal area is swollen. it is so painful that i cannot even sit. please tell what to do about it. please help me i am really worried.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We are sorry that you are experiencing such pain. It is likely that you have sustained inju ry to the anal sphincter during anal intercourse. This could result in tears which can bleed, swell, and become painfully infected. We recommend that you have this area carefully examined by your family doctor to determine if you require any topical antibacterial creams to facilitate healing. Try to avoid anal intercourse for 2 weeks while this heals and in the future, please exercise caution. Use lubricant and instruct your partner not to be as forceful in order to prevent wishes you a speedy recovery.