Post Hernia surgery excercise concerns

Patient: I had an abdominal hernia about 10 yrs ago and had surgery to repair. There were no complications. I have been working out doing cardio and weight training for the past 6 months. I sometimes feel a slight pulling sensation in the area that was surgically repaired. I am wondering if it is still ok to training or if I am at risk of having another Hernia. Can you give me some advice?

Doctor: Abdominal hernias develop because of a weakness in a layer of the abdominal wall. This weakness allows the intra-abdomin al contents to form the lump usually experienced with a hernia. Though you have a surgical repair, any activity which increases the intra-abdominal pressure could result in developing another hernia at a different location. This includes weight training. You should do these exercises in moderation to reduce this risk.