Post Knee surgery and Subsequent Effects

Patient: 14 months ago, I had a damaged miniscus repaired in my left knee. A couple of years prior, I had surgery to correct neuropathy. This surgery invovled my left knee, the top of my left foot and the area of my left instep. Since the surgery 14 months ago, I get extreme tightness sensation at my left knee, left leg and left foot. Also, I had a non-deforming stroke in 2004 which caused internal tightness of my entire left-side from head to foot. Can a repaired meniscus cause tightness of knee, leg and foot?

Doctor: According to your description of the events , the sensation of tightness that you are experiencing might be due to a ne nerve irritation or Neuritis, which produces a discomfort sensation occurring from a peripheral nerve inflammation probably resulting from the surgery, in which the sensitive branch of the nerve that supplies sensation to that part of the knee/leg was involuntarily touched. The recovery of the inflammation or lesion of the peripheral nerves takes time.Nerves repair aproximately, 1 mm perday, in circumference. The suggested strategy would be: conservative therapy, such as physical therapy, moist heat application, anti-inflammatory drugs (“Motrin”, “Aleve”) and avoid wearing constrictive garments close to the affected knee, also you can try capsaicin cream locally. If does not get better with these measures it is strongly recommend to be re-evaluated by a orthopedic surgeon and maybe consider the local corticosteroid injection which might provide more chronic relief of symptoms.