Post overy removal health problems to my mother

Patient: My mother was said to have c diff bacteria,, so they removed a tumors, cysts,appendix, and her ovary, she still hurts, nauseated all the time,dizzy, lightheadedness, loss 60 pounds or more,bad breath, skin rash on face could she have cancer no one can help her

Symptoms: All the above

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.The possible causes of your mother’s problem are adhesions due to previous surgery giving pain, postoperative infection, recurrent clostridium difficile infection, rarely missed malignancy etc.As she is suffering from pain, dizziness etc symptoms, better to go to ER or consult your doctor and let her get examined.By examination and by investigations like ultrasound, complete blood picture, blood sugar levels, blood pressure recording etc the possible cause of her problem can be identified and treated.If your doctor recommends you can go for specific investigations like CT abdomen, CA 125 levels etc.Take care.