Post partum mood and mental health issues

Patient: Hi. My name is Louise and I am 22 years old. Ever since my son was 3 months old I have been suffering with mental health issues over the appearance of my body. It has increased since then and continues to increase. My son is now two years old. This issue has been affecting my whole life such as my relationship with my partner, the relationships I have with close friends, my sleep and the obvious. My confidence. I never want to leave my house, if I do because I have to, I would feel incredibly uncomfortable and paranoid. I really need some expert advise otherwise I’m not sure where I will end up.

Doctor: Many women do experience similar symptoms especially after child birth where your body undergoes immense physical and py schological changes and stress.  Your body undergoes a lot of changes in pregnancy and even after child birth and thus it may seem different and repulsive. I advice you to try and start an exercise program and exercise regularly . This will not only improve your fitness level but may also help alter the way you think about your body positively.Having said this I notice that this issue is affecting your social and personal life and thus it is imperative that you seek help either from your family physician or a pyschiatrist who would be able to give you more specific and detailed advice along with methods of treatment like pyshcotherapy or even medications.