Post pregnancy pain, nerve, si joint effusion

Patient: While giving spinal analgesia during c-section delivery, prick went wrong and my wife got jerk in left leg and it sort of got a jolt. After next prick delivery happened. Since that day sensation in left leg is different from right leg.Problem faced is hyper sensation in left leg from shin to toe. If anything touches even cloth, gives heavy sensation. Also the grip of left leg fingers is not same as right. There is issue in movement of leg, ankle, as if there is some stone which is moving along. Muscle also feels locked.Another issue is in left hip joint. In that area there is severe mobility issue. There is no pain but movement is very much locked. If hip is moved, leg is pulled back while lying down, while walking, there is very different feeling. There is no issue in thigh area.There is pain in pelvic area also. While moving, sneezing, coughing, there is pain.Delivery happened 14/12/2014.Doctors have given gabaneuron, felicita od, elcafort. 4th week is completing but there is no relief. Please advise.

Symptoms: Nerve pain, hyperasthesia, si joint effusion

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting ATD.It is clear from the history that you have experienced an iatrogenic nerve injury at the level of L4-5 region where spinal anaesthesia is given during the c section.These symptoms of weakness and heaviness in the lower limb along the distribution of the spinal nerves which have been injured can actually take around months to recover as the neuronal regeneration is a slow process . Once injured the nerve may undergo degeneration and then regeneration taking months together. In the meantime it would present with various symptoms like you are experiencing now.So be patient and continue on the medications as advised , these are to promote early healing. Please consider physiotherapy under supervision to prevent any incapacitance.I hope i have answered your query in detail,Regards