Post Shoulder Surgery Pain

Patient: My friend recently had surgery on his shoulder because he had a few tears. I have two questions: 1. Is it normal to have bumps under his incision sites? Surgery was done labroscopically. 2. He pushed his arm back very quickly the other day and his shoulder has been hurting ever since. Could he have torn it again? Or could it be just the healing process?

Doctor: It is difficult to say with any certainty the cause of the “bumps” under the incision site of your friend’s shoulder. Th e most likely explanation is the presence of irregular scar tissue that give a bumpy appearance.It is quite possible that your friend has injured is shoulder again. He would not have fully recovered from his recent surgery and thus any further trauma to shoulder could cause injury to already weak ligaments and other tissues. It is in his best interest to have his shoulder re-examined by his orthopedic surgeon as well as have x-rays done. He should do so as soon as possible to prevent the likelihood of developing chronic shoulder pain!