Post surgery pain in athlete after Achilles Tendon repair surgery

Patient: Yesterday I was playing in a badminton tournament organized by Badminton Canada. It was our annual Canadian National Badminton Championships. I have previously torn my left and right acl and mcl ligaments and fully recovered from the surgeries. Yesterday in the second game i snapped my achilles tendon fully. Within two hours i was at the hospital and had surgery at roughly ten pm last night. The surgeon went in and fully re-attached the tendon. I have attached two pictures for you to see. I understand that i will be in a cast for the next 6-8 weeks and then a walking boot for another few weeks. I was also told i have lots of rehab ahead of me. After both of my previous knee surgeries i was not in as much pain as i am currently. I was given a prescription of oxycocet. The bottle says oxycodone hcl-acetaminophen on it as well. My question is, can i take something else to reduce the pain im feeling. Would something like percocet or tylenol 3 be better for pain relief. Thank you very much in advance.

Doctor: I am so sorry to hear that you are going through this pain. I would suggest speaking to your surgeon to see if he or she can prescribe you either of tramadol or dilaudid. If not even taking an anti-inflamatory such as advil with your current drug oxycocet may help. Oxycocet the drug you are currently taking is also known as percocet. Definitely call your surgeon right away to get his opinion, but the two medications i have suggested will definitely help with the pain. Good luck with the speedy recovery. Remember to rehab it aggressively and you will be back on the badminton court in no time! Don’t give up!

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Patient: Hi Nurse Sue, thanks for asking. I have been feeling really good this many years later. I have been in Toronto on a strict workout / rehab program. I’m finding keeping it moving is helping lots. I see Dr. Mike Prebeg ( 1-2x per week for treatment and its helping immensely.