Post surgical abortion and nipple discharge

Patient: Hi my name is Jessica Roberto. I recently had a surgical abortion exactly a month ago today. 2 days after the abortion i started to take birth control pills. i just realized today thats i have a clear,milky discharge coming from my nipples. i want to know if that is scared to death hoping im not pregnate again. plzz help!

Doctor: You have not mentioned at what gestational age you had the surgical abortion. During pregnancy the body undergoes a lot of hormonal and physical changes. Since you had the abortion the hormones will take a while to get stabilised and back to their normal range and this imbalance in these hormones is what is causing the milky discharge. This should clear by itself in a couple of weeks. In case you are doubtful about pregnancy i advice you to take a home pregnancy test. However chances for that to be positive are extremely low. All the best.