Post TIA effects

Patient: Hello, my mother recently had a TIA about a week ago and is still feeling tingling all over her body, and real fatigued. The simplest teasks like going to the store feel like she is running a marathon. She wakes up in the middle of the night feeling like a spider web is on her face. Her TIA was very small and didn’t have slurred speach or anything she just had a head ache and her left arm was numb. She went to the ER and after an MRI they saw she had a TIA. So is it normal for her to still have tingling in her body a week after the TIA?

Doctor: Yes, she may have those symptoms for a while,depending on the severity and extension of the TIA, but the most important nt now is to consider that a TIA is a warning sign that a future true stroke may happen involving the blood supply of a greater area of the brain and this time more permanently producing more severe neurologic deficits, so the goal with you mother is to prevent a stroke to occur, and to do so she has to keep any underlying condition as: high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, blood disorders under strict control. If she is a smoker, she must stop for good. The doctor also can recommend her a low-fat and low-salt diet.