Post traumatic Intercostal Neuritis

Patient: I fell this past Saturday while rock climbing. Immeditatly I was out of breath and sore, to be expected. The pain didnt die out durning the day, or the next day; even though i took a 800mg ibuprofen. I tried resting all day sunday and still feel it, this morning i went for a run and had a difficult time breathing. Should i go and get looked at or is there something more that i can do?

Doctor: According to your description of the events and the characteristics of the pain, most likely you may have a Post traumat ic Intercostal Neuritis, which is not a serious condition but very annoying indeed and slow healing. By a spasm or a direct trauma the intercostals muscles and nerves got injured, and that’s why you are feeling that stabbing pain every time you take a deep breath, sneeze or cough.The suggested strategy would be: please, try to be patient and do not expect an overnight improvement, take anti inflammatory medication (“Aleve”, “Motrin”), and also Vitamin B12 supplement. Local moist heat helps to ease the pain. Try to avoid activities that worsen the pain.