Post traumatic knee injury:do I need crutches

Patient: Hi, i currently play netball and in the weekend i was kicked in the knee. it seemed to be fine so i carried on playing. I have had injuries to the same knee before. it seemed fine untill the evening of the next day, now i cant bend it, i cant weight bare well so im limping badly. there is minor bruising and some of the major swelling has gone. Do you think i could get crutches from my GP for this as it hurts to weight bare?

Doctor: It does seem that you may have injured or bruised your knee due to the trauma. However since you were able to weight bea r immediately after the injury i wouldnt be too worried about a serious injury. However I would advice you to see your GP so as to discuss further treatment and definately ask for crutches so that you dont have to weight bear for some time. All the best.