Post Viral Knee pain and would like to run again

Patient: I have knee pain on both knees but primarily on the right side. I have been running approximately 3.5 miles a day and I got sick two weeks ago (flu) and then ever since then I have had terrible knee pain. I try icing it and ibuprofen. I havent been able to run again so I have resorted to biking approx 8 miles every other day (2 times so far). It seems to feel better after biking but I was wondering should I stop running for a while or am I doomed to stay on the bike. Have I hurt something in my knees? Also my ankle has been painful as well but for less time. All this took place after I got the flu.

Doctor: If you have not hurt your knees then it is unlikely that this is due to some trauma. Since you had the flu this could be due to a post viral temporary arthritis. I would like to advice you that in case the knees are red, hot and swollen then there may be some fluid build which may need to be drained. If not then just keep a check on the symptoms and they should subside in about a week.You should be able to gain full control of your knee soon. All the best.