Posterior tibial tendon tear

Patient: Hi,I have a longitudinal tear in my right posterior tibial tendon and am looking for advice on the best approach to take for it to heal.I am a long distance elite runner and this tear was found 7 months ago during an ultrasound scan. Since then I have had 3 PRP injections, worn a cam boot for approximately 3 months and completely rested the tendon by not doing any running, walking, swimming etc.I am not in any pain when walking but I can feel some pain in my ankle when I run. I’ve been getting different opinions on how best to repair this tendon e.g. some have recommended complete rest, others calf strengthening exercises and some light running and others have said it won’t heal without surgery, while others have told me to avoid surgery at all cost as it will mess up the mechanics of my foot and could potentially stop me from running at the elite level ever again. I’m really at a loss of what to do and could do with some expert advice.