Postpartum depression and low libido

Patient: I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression, I also have a low sex drive since the birth of my little girl almost 20 months ago. Is there anything out there that can help me? I fear that my husband will cheat on me.

Doctor: A low sex drive after pregnancy and the birth of an infant is common. Since you were diagnosed with post partum depressi on you are at a greater risk for the same. A low sex drive post delivery is usually a combination of physical and pyschological factors.  Physically you are exhausted taking care of a young infant throughout the day and this leads to a loss of libido.  At times  since the body is still getting used to the changes that it has undergone there is a disbalance of hormones that lead to inhibition of the sex drive and thus low libido.General lifestyle methods to increasing your libido and sex drive include regular exercising at least 30 mins a day, relaxation and destressing methods like yoga, seeking help with taking care of your infant so as to reduce the work load, decrease alcohol and smoking and eat a healthy diet  with plenty vegetables and fruits and reconnect with your partner by going out on dates and spending time alone without the baby. If this doesnt work then counselling and couple therapy would be the next part after any organic cause for low libido  is ruled out.