Postpone my periods

Patient: I am going on a holiday with my fiance and I am expecting my period. Can I take a medicine to postpone my periods till the time I get back from my holiday. I am not on any birth controls.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We do not recommend that you specifically take medications to postpone your menstrual perio d for this purpose. If your holiday is soon, then this may not be possible. However, if your holiday is months away, you can start taking contraceptive medication, which can potentially stop your menstrual period from commencing on a monthly basis. Such medications include the oral birth control pill which contains hormones that modulate the menstrual cycle, or birth control injection which confers protection from pregnancy for up to three months. Complications of specifically taking birth control medication to delay one’s period can include breakthrough uterine bleeding. This phenomenon is bleeding which occurs outside your regular menstrual period.If you would like to start oral contraceptive medication, we recommend that you consult your doctor to determine which type will be best suited for you, and what complications and risks you will subject to from taking them.Thank you for choosing