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Postural Kyphosis in a male teenager.

Patient: Hi I was wondering is there any excersize or something I can do to get rid of my slight hump back? My upper back is curved and lower back is pushed in like a compressed S.


Doctor: Kyphosis is the forward curve in the upper and middle spine causing a sort of humpback, it is common in the adolescence e, affecting boys more than girls. If it is a slight hump in your back as you described, may be a “Postural Kyphosis”, in that case I strongly recommend you practicing some sport as swimming that may strengthening the muscles of your spine (neck, mid back and lower back), regular work out in the gym with stretching and strengthening exercises of the back muscles(neck, mid back and lower back) and abs too, keep your weight under control, avoid weight-bearing stress or strenuous activities, keep a correct posture at all times, and try to sleep in a firm bed.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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